E Liquid Flavors | Reviews and Opinions On Ecigs

cropped-fb_profile.jpgWelcome to the E Liquid Flavors Project!

So what the heck are we all about here?  Simple.  We are e cig uses (a.k.a. vapers) and we simply became tired of trying to find various types of e liquid flavors whenever we wanted to:



  • Find all of our favorites in one place
  • Try something new
  • Try ones we also recommend and are our favorite e liquid flavors

This collection was started for us but now we are sharing it with you.

So what we’ve done is cataloged as many e liquids together as we could find.  You’ll be able to sort through our index below.

First we have a few brands we absolutely love here they are:

Flavor Rank Brand Visit Site
#1 VaporFi E Liquid Flavors VaporFi
#2 Halo E Juice Flavors Halo Cigs
#3 Nicquid E Liquid NicQuid
#4 Mt Baker Vapor E Juice Mt. Baker Vapor

Understanding Our Listings

As we grow the site we’ll be adding more flavors.  Sometimes this means we’ll be adding as many as 30 new flavors to our index each week.  We’ll keep adding flavors until we feel we’ve cataloged them all.

Anytime we issue a review for an e liquid flavor, keep in mind it’s strictly our opinion of that particular flavor.

What we try to do is on ever single e liquid review, write up what flavor notes we pick from it.  Any of the above mentioned e liquids on our list are great brands with great customer service and we’ve ordered e liquid from them all.

Currently we have about 100 flavors queued up to be sampled, tested and we’ll determine what we think of them.  We’ll then share the results with you.

For the e liquid flavors project the goal is to bring you the best brands, the best prices and our opinion of them.

Flavor Notes:

One of the biggest peeves we have is when most people do a review of e liquid they never point out what the taste in the e liquid.  They simply say things like, it taste great or I taste cherry (in the cherry flavor I might add)!

My question is, who does that help?  When you are reading about a particular blend review you want to know what the hints and notes of the flavor are.  An example of this is if we reviewed a particular cherry blend we would say something like:

“In this e liquid flavor we taste a slight hint of cedar wood behind the cherry flavor.  It starts with a tart blast and finishes with a nice sweet sugary taste”.

We know that’s what you want to hear because darn it, we want to hear and read that when we watch or see reviews too!

Flavor notes are also what makes a blend unique and not just the same-old-same-old.


Certain e liquids have a higher quality.  Some things contribute to this.  Many of the write-ups and reviews we contain what we think about the overall quality of the e juice.

Overall Taste:

The overall taste is critical.  If something taste bad we’ll either let you know or simply choose to ignore that blend and maybe not even write about it.  We didn’t start the site to start a bash fest, so you’ll likely not see us waste time with negative reviews.  However, if something isn’t right, we’ll let you know.

We have vaped some many brands and blends that we somewhat have a knack for finding good blends now.  The brands we mentioned at the top are frigging awesome and many of the reviews on this site will contain those brands.

Taste is critical and we’ll always be sure to give your our opinion and we’re darn good at that.

A Breakdown Of The E-Juice Brands

Below is our assessment of the main brands that we love here.  Any on our list our great and we’ll bullet point the main things we like about each as well as any cons about any of them.

Our Favorite E Liquid: VaporFi

VaporFi is a new company.  The flavors taste great, the prices are reasonable and the e liquid flavors are perfect.

They have over 50 some flavors right now (we haven’t tried them all, yet) and they also follow these strict guidelines: Diacetyl-Free:  If you don’t know what this is, Wiki-it to learn.  Basically, it’s a fake nasty buttery flavor that many companies add to their liquids, yuck.  VaporFi doesn’t use any of that in their e liquids.

Kosher Grade: This may be important to you, if it is it’s good news!  It’s still good news either way, as Kosher foods are typically strict on their make and clean.

Top-Rated Glycerin: This means no peanut allergy issues with VaporFi.

Formulas Are FDA Registered: This informs the FDA of what they are making.  Companies with nothing to hide SHOULD do this.  Great move by the guys at VF and earns a another set of Kudos in my book.

FDA Registered Lab: Again, why would a company not do this?  Sadly, most e juice companies are not registered.

These are just a few of the reasons they made our top list.  I also don’t want to leave out the best reason which are as follows:

Custom Blends:  Want to mix flavors?  Awesome, have the guys at VaporFi do it for you.  That’s right with their custom blending portion of the site you can have them create up to 30,000 and some odd different flavors for you.  That’s a brilliant move.

Hand Mixed Blends: Their blends are hand mixed, even on the regular flavors.  This is great because you won’t find stale, out of date flavors just laying around with these guys.

USA Made: Some people find it important that it’s made in the USA and VaporFi is.

0mg-36mg E Liquid FTW: Most companies ignore people who need a strong vape.  However, VaporFi took into account that their are many people who are looking for a 36mg e liquid.  If you need the strong stuff it’s with VaporFi.

The only downside is that shipping takes a day longer here than with most.  This is not a big deal, but, because everything is hand-mixed t order it seems to take a day or two longer.  However, it’s totally worth it for the taste and quality.

Their prices are decent and they come in nicely packaged 30ml drop bottles.

Get VaporFi Here

e liquid flavors by halo cigs2nd Favorite E Juice Brand: Halo

Halo has a good brand and has some good high quality e liquid flavors to choose from.

Here is a quick rundown of why we like them so much.

FEMA GRAS Approved Flavorings:  Like Vapor Zone their ingredients are of high grade.

USP Grade Ingredients: Again, high quality ingredients.

Well Thought Out Blends: Not only is Halo branded well, but, the blends seem as though they have been tried and tested by thousands before going live.  The tobacco blends tend to standout in my mind and are definitely worth trying if you are a former smoker.  We love the Longhorn blend!

0-24g E Liquid: I give them a slight knock here because they are neglecting a lot of users who want 36mg.

20 Flavors: I want more flavors.  I love what they have but give me a few more options.

USA Made: Like VaporFi these guys are made in the USA.

Fast Shipping: Shipping on nearly every order we’ve placed with them has been quick and efficient.

Their prices are a little on the medium side.  It’s not unreasonable, especially for an e liquid blend that tastes so good.  I’ve seen much higher priced brands that didn’t taste nearly as well, so I’ll continue to by my Halo, anytime.

Bottom line, if you vape you’ve got to try Halo t some point.  Everyone we’ve shared and taste tested with Halo has loved them.

Get Halo E Liquids Here

Nicquid E Liquid3rd Favorite: Niquid

This company has a great taste to their e liquid flavors.  One of the first I bought from them was dreamsicle and I loved it.

Most of the review we have here on Nicquid is about the same as what we have on Halo and VaporFi and you’ll see much of it is the same by looking below.  So why are they #3 instead of 1 or 2?

Their taste, while good, didn’t taste as good as VaporFi or Halo to us.  It’s not bad and, hey, it’s in our top-freaking-3!

Kosher: See Halo, VaporFi.

USP Grade Ingredients: See Halo, VaproFi.

USA Made: See Halo, VaporFi.

Nicquid currently has:

  • 11 Fruit E Liquids
  • 13 Menthol E Liquids
  • 8 Dessert E Liquids
  • 4 Tobacco E Liquids

Their flavors are vibrant and rich.  We could really pull out the flavor notes and hints in each one.

Again, we felt like the Halo and VaporFi were a little better but this e liquid brand seemed to do a good job at checking their flavors.

The big win for Nicquid was price and the fact that they fill bottles in the following sizes:

  • 5ml
  • 10ml
  • 30ml

This is a great feature for those looking to try a brand without forking out more money for a larger sized bottle.The brand itself is more expensive than VaporFi and about the same price as Halo when you break down cost based on milliliters.

Try Nicquid Here

mt baker vapor e juice4th Favorite E Liquid Brand: Mt Baker Vapor

We’ve been enjoying Mt Baker Vapor for quite some time now.  It’s still baffling that most people do not know about them.

Mt Baker has a wide range of products.  In fact, they have over 200 e liquid flavors on their website!

That’s a lot of e liquid.  They also offer a vast DIY section for those who want to buy the stuff to mix their own.  MBV allows the user to order and change the:

  • Nicotine amount
  • PG vs VG mix
  • Flavor strength

Those 3 handy features alone got hem added to our list of top e liquid brands.  The addition of fast shipping (all of our orders were received in less than 3 days) and 100% made in the USA blends this brand is almost a no-brainer for good e juice.

The ability to adjust the PG and VG mixes is a cool concept for those who are experienced and want to play with the blends more.

One thing I really enjoy with Mt Baker Vapor is the fact that they are a pretty honest organization.  I see good and bad reviews up on all of their blends.  This is something that most companies edit to remove the negatives.

36mg E Liquid Flavors

Like Vapor Zone, Mt Baker Vapor has 0mg-36mg e juice to suit all the strengths for those who need a higher dose of nicotine.

It’s good to see more and more brands offer the higher dosages and cater to the high and low nicotine users alike.

The price is the big sell for MBV.  Currently it’s about $5 for 15ml bottles which is a fine price. Get started with Mt Baker here.